Important Questions&Answers for all exams

Important Questions&Answers for all exams

Question 1 – Which movement was withdrawn by Gandhiji due to the violent incidents of Chauri Chaura? 

 Answer: Non-cooperation movement 

Question 2- ‘Whole India is a huge prison,’ whose statement is above? 

 Answer – CR Das 

Question 3 – The Legislative Council in the state is arranged under which Article of the Constitution? 

 Answer – 169

Question 4– Who partitioned Bengal on 19 July 1950? 

 Answer – Lord Curzon 

Question 5 – Which Article of the Constitution is appointed by the Governor? 

 Answer – by Article 155 

Question 6 – At what place did Gandhiji dissolve the salt law on April 6, 1930? 

 Answer – In penalty

Question 7 – By which amendment did Parliament get the right to amend fundamental rights? 

 Answer – By 24th Amendment 

Question8- Which freedom fighter killed General Dyer, convicted of Jallianwala Bagh massacre? 

 Answer – Udham Singh 

Question 9- In which movement in India did Mahatma Gandhi use hunger strike as a weapon for the first time? 

 Answer -North Ahmedabad Mill Strike (1918) 

Question 10 – Who can impose reasonable restrictions on the fundamental rights of Indian citizens? 

 Answer: Parliament

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