Governor Generals and Viceroys Part:-02

Governor Generals and Viceroys Part:-02

1)) Who came as governor after Wellesley? – Lord Hastings

2) Who went on to expand Wellesley? – Lord Hastings 

3) Nepal – Gurkha war took place during the time of which governor? – of Lord Hastings 

4) The good relations of the British with Nepal were due to which governor? – of Lord Hastings 

5) Which governor destroyed Pindhara in Central India? – Lord Hastings 

6) In whose time did the third English Maratha War take place? – Lord Hastings 

7) Which governor made the Peshwa’s state a Khalsa and withheld a pension of Rs 5 lakh? – Lord Hastings

8) Who became the 13th Governor of India? – Auckland 

9) Which governor felt the need to invade Afghanistan? – Auckland 

10) Who was the Governor of India after Auckland? – Ellenborough 

11) Which governor conquered Sindh? – Ellenborough 

12) For which victory was the British heavily criticized? – For the conquest of Sindh 

13) Governor of India after Ellenborough Who came as? – Lord Dalhousie 

14) In which year Lord Dalhousie became the Governor General of India? – Is. 13

15) Which governor had a fierce imperialist ideology? – Lord Dalhousie 

16)Who was the pioneer of Khalsa policy? – Lord Dalhousie 

17) By what policy did Lord Dalhousie expand the kingdom? – By victory, seizure and Khalsa 

18) What kind of governor was Lord Dalhousie? – Imperialist but reformer 

19) Which governor did the job of making the cup power uncontested in India? – Lord Dalhousie

20) From which war did the whole Punjab become Khalsa? – From the Second Sikh War 

21) Which governor denied adoption? – Lord Dalhousie 

22) Since when was the provision made to deny adoption? – Is. 13 

23) Which governor brought an end to nominal power? – Lord Dalhousie 

24) Under what pretext did the state of Awadh become Khalsa? – Under the pretext of disorder 

25) In whose time was the first railway line laid in India? – Lord Dalhousie

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