Genaral Knowledge Questions All Exam Important

Genaral Knowledge Questions All Exam Important 

Worth knowing 

1) What is the ancient name of Malaysia? 


2) What will be the estimated population of the world in 2025 AD?   

 Answer:- 8.0 billion 

3) By what name are New Zealanders known? 

 Answer:- Kiwis

4) The ancient name of which country is Persia?

Answer:- Iran 

5) What is the ancient name of Zambia?

Answer:- Northern Rhodesia 

6) Which is the smallest country in the world in terms of population and area? 

 Answer:- Vatican City

7) Which country is better known as ‘Second Newfoundland’? 

 Answer:- Japan  

8) Which country is known as ‘Golden Pagoda Country’? 

 Answer:- Myanmar 

9) Which is the largest temple in the world? 

 Answer:- Temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia 

10) Which country has the longest border? 

 Answer:- Canada 

11) Which country in the world has the largest number of Muslims? 

 Answer:- Indonesia 

12) When is World Population Day celebrated? 

 Answer:- 11 July 

13) Which country is credited with the first systematic census in the world?   

 Answer:- Sweden

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