Father of the Nation: Mahatma Gandhi From the book “Experiments of Truth”

Father of the Nation: Mahatma Gandhi From the book “Experiments of Truth” 

 1) Which book did Gandhiji read bought by his father? 

Ans: – Shravanapitribhakti Natak 

2) At what age did Gandhiji get married? 

Ans: – 13 years old 

3) How many times was Gandhiji engaged? 

Ans: – 3 times 

4) How many scholarships did Gandhiji get in Std.5 and Std.6 respectively? 

Ans: – 4 rupees and 10 rupees 

5) Who was the headmaster of that school when Gandhiji was studying in 7th standard? 

Ans: – Dorabji Edalji

6) The name of the master who taught Sanskrit to Gandhiji? 

Ans: – Krishnashankar 

7) The Gandhi family belonged to which sect? 

Ans: – Vaishnava sect 

8) What did Gandhiji bring to commit suicide as a child but did not dare to commit suicide? 

Ans: – Turana Dodwana b 

9) How old was Gandhiji when his father died? 

Ans: -16 years old 

10) What was Gandhiji’s father’s illness? 

Ans: – Fistula 

11) Who gave Ramnaam Jap to Gandhiji? 

Ans: – Maid Rambhabai

12) When did Gandhiji pass the matriculation exam? 

Ans: – In 1887 

13) Whom did Gandhiji call Joshiji? 

Ans: – To Mawji Dave (who sent Gandhiji abroad) 

14) Who did Gandhiji go with when he first went abroad? 

Ans: – Trimbakaraya Majumdar 

15) How many pounds did Gandhiji spend to buy a violin in South Africa? 

Ans: – Three pounds

16) “If he wants to wear your clothes, give him a tunic, if he slaps you on the right cheek, then he will hold you on the left” In which scripture did Gandhiji read this sentence? 

Ans: – New agreement 

17) Whom did Gandhiji teach English in South Africa? Or who recommended Gandhiji to learn English? 

Ans: – Narayan Hemchandra 

18) When did Gandhiji go to the exhibition in Paris? 

Ans: – 1890 (Eiffel Tower was climbed two or three times) 

20) Who believed that “Eiffel Tower is a sign of human stupidity”? 

Ans: – Tolstoy

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