Father of the Nation: Mahatma Gandhi From the book “Experiments of Truth” Part:- 2

Father of the Nation: Mahatma Gandhi From the book “Experiments of Truth” Part:- 2

1) Gandhiji hired a Brahmin as a cook when he was going to start advocacy in Mumbai. What was his name 

Ans: – Ravi Shankar 

2) Who got the first case of Gandhiji in Mumbai? 

Ans: – Mummy

3) How many pounds did Gandhiji go to fight Dada Abdullah’s case in South Africa? 

Ans: – Forty thousand pounds (six lakhs) 

4) Who was the partner of Dada Abdullah? 

Ans: – Seth Abdul Karim Zaveri 

5) How many pounds did Abdullah Sethe ask Gandhiji to pay in addition to travel and accommodation and food expenses? 

Ans: – 105 pounds

6) When did Gandhiji go from India to South Africa to fight the case of Dada Abdullah? 

Ans: – In April 1893 

7) Which ports were coming to South Africa by sea? 

Ans: – Lamu, Mombasa and Zanzibar 

8) Against whom was the case of Dada Abdullah going? 

Ans: – Tayyab Seth 

9) The author of the book ‘Analogy’ read by Gandhiji? 

Ans: – Butler

10) The author of the book ‘Money Infinite Proofs’ read by Gandhiji? 

Ans: – Pearson 

11) Whose place was Dada Abdullah in South Africa’s Christmas in Pretoria? 

Ans: – Seth Tayyab Haji Khan Mohammad

12) Gandhiji had to fight the case of Dada Abdullah over what? 

Ans: – The part on the promissory note was to promise to give some part of the promissory note. The defense was that the promissory note was taken fraudulently. 

13) In which newspaper did you read about the atrocities being perpetrated on Hindus in South Africa? 

Ans: – Indian Franchise (‘Hindi Suffrage’ means) 

14) Establishment of ‘Natal Indian Congress’? 

Ans: – 22/05/1894

15) The author of the book ‘Dharma Vichar’ read by Gandhiji? 

Ans: – Narmadashankar 

16) The author of the book ‘What does Hindustan teach’ read by Gandhiji? 

Ans: – Maxmller 

18) In which steamer did Gandhiji come to India in 1896? 

Ans: – Pongola

19) When Gandhiji came to India in 1896, who was known as ‘Lion of Mumbai’, ‘Uncrowned King of Mumbai’? 

Ans: – Turquoise

20) After coming to India in 1896, he went back to South Africa with his wife and two children. Whose house did his wife Kasturba go with two children? 

Ans: – Rustamji Seth (Gandhiji remained in the ship) (Later Gandhiji landed with Mr. Lotan)

21) Under whose hands did Gandhiji open a hospital in South Africa due to the charity of Parsi Rustamji? 

Ans: – Dr. Of the booth 

22) Gandhiji read the book ‘Maane Shikhaman’ related to child rearing. What is the name of the author of this book? 

Ans: – Tribhuvandas

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