Exam Useful Important Question Part:-02

Exam Useful Important Question Part:-02

1) When was the railway line between Ahmedabad and Mumbai built? 

 Ans: 120 – 2 

2) Ahmedabad and Kandla are connected by which number of national highways? 

 Ans: National Highway no. 3-A 

3) Ahmedabad was the capital of Gujarat during which period? 

 Ans: 150 to 150 

4) When did Vividhbharati start from Ahmedabad center? 

 Ans: इ.स. 13 

5) Who founded the Ahmedabad Textile Labor Association? 

 Ans: Mahatma Gandhi

6) Who was the first Indian President of Ahmedabad Municipality? 

 Ans: Rao Bahadur Ranchodlal Chhotalal 

7) Who was the founder of Ahmedabad Rifle Association? 

 Ans: Udayan Chinubhai Baronet 

8) Which library preserves Muslim literature in Ahmedabad city? 

 Ans: Peer Muhammad Shah Library 

9) When was the Bhadra Fort of Ahmedabad city built? 

 Ans: 1911 

10) When was the first paved road of Ahmedabad city built and what was the name of that road? 

 Ans: 14th Ritchie Road – Gandhi Road

11) Which judge of Ahmedabad first appealed to the people to adopt indigenous things instead of foreign ones? 

 Ans: Gopal Hari Deshmukh 

12) Who was the first mayor of Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Chinubhai Chimanbhai Baronet 

13) Who established the famous Gita Mandir in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Swami Vidyanandji 

14) Which mosque in Ahmedabad has a separate arrangement for women to offer prayers? 

 Ans: Juma Masjid 

15) Ashram Road of Ahmedabad connects which two Ashrams? 

 Ans: Sabarmati Ashram and Kocharab Ashram

16) In which year was Bhadra Fort of Ahmedabad built?

 Ans: इ.स. 1911 

17) What is the name of an international level cricket stadium in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Motera Stadium 

18) What is the full form of ‘AGETA’ club in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Ahmedabad Government Employed Tennis Association 

19) Who built the Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Emperor Ahmad Shah 

20) Where was the first systematic mint of Gujarat started in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Kalupur

21) Where is the Kite Museum located in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Tagore Hall, Paldi 

22) Which iron bridge built in Ahmedabad has not rusted yet? 

 Ans: Ellisbridge 

23) Which is the national level institute for training mentally retarded children in Ahmedabad?    

 Ans: BM Institute of Mental Health 

24) Which viceroy was bombed near Raipur in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Lord Minto 

25) What is the total length of the river front, an ambitious project taking shape on Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: 12.5 km.

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