Exam Useful Important Question Part:-01

 Exam Useful Important Question Part:-01.

1) Who was appointed to the advisory committee of the historic World Council of Religions held in Chicago on the 19th? 

 Ans: Manilal Dwivedi 

2) What is the name of the famous palace of Wankaner built in 1908? 

 Ans: Ranjit Vilas Palace 

3) According to the 2001 census, which district had the highest population density in Gujarat? 

 Ans: Surat

4) What was the first Gujarati film made in 35 mm cinema scope? 

 Ans: Coastal 

5) 4 km. Who is the youngest swimmer from Gujarat to cross the wide English Bay in 12 hours? 

 Ans: Sufian Sheikh 

6) State the full name of C.E.E. 

 Ans: Center for Environment Education (Ahmedabad) 

7) Who was the Gujarati who wrote a diary called ‘Day to Day Gandhi’? 

 Ans: Mahadevbhai Desai 

8) Who is responsible for the establishment of IIM-A? 

 Ans: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

9) Which institute is located in Ahmedabad for plasma research? 

 Ans: Plasma Research Institute-Gandhinagar 

10) What is the full form of SAG? 

 Ans: Sports Authority of Gujarat 

11) Apart from Akha, which poet has written Uttam Chappa? 

 Ans: Poet Shamal 

12) Where was Akha born? 

 Ans: Jetalpur (near Ahmedabad) 

13) Ek tu shri hari in the whole universe … ‘- Whose position is this? 

 Ans: Narasimha Mehta 

14) Akho is known as the creator of which tradition? 

 Ans: Gyanmargi Kavyadhara

15) Whose biography is ‘Rose grown in the fire pit’? 

 Ans: Mahadevbhai Desai 

16) What is Atira known for? Where is it located 

 Ans: Textile Research-Ahmedabad 

17) Who was the first manager of Atira? 

 Ans: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai 

18) What is the full name of Atira? 

 Ans: Ahmedabad Textile Industries and Research Association 

19) Who built Adalaj’s Vav and in which year? 

 Ans: Rani Rudabai – 18 

20) What is the length of Adalaj Vav? 

 Ans: 3 meters 

21) What is the ancient name of Adalaj? 

 Ans: Garh Patan

22) Who founded Anhilpur Patan? 

 Ans: Vanraj Chawda 

23) The perfume and perfume industry has developed in which city? 

 Ans: Palanpur 

24) Who made the auspicious start for orphans to get shelter? 

 Ans: Mahipatram Rooparam 

25) Aparna Parrot is a female athlete associated with which sport? 

 Ans: Badminton

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