Computer questions asked in various government exams

Computer questions asked in various government exams 

1) What is a VIRUS virus in a computer? 


2) Give the full name of INTERNET 


3) State the programming language. 

 Ans: – Basic, Java, C # 

4) What is the extension of a file created in Photoshop?

  Ans: – .PSD

5) What is the action of pressing and moving the mouse button in a computer called? 

 Ans: – Dragging 

6) What is the action of moving the mouse to the desired place in the computer called? 

 Ans: – Pointing 

7) Which option is used to immediately retrieve the deleted information from the file? 

 Ans: – Undo 

8) Which symbol separates the two parts of e-mail address? 

 Ans: -@

9) What type of software is the operating system?

  Ans: – System software 

10) What kind of program is Outlook Express? 

 Ans: – Mail Client 

11) What is Gujarat State Portal? 

 Ans: – 

12) How many bits does an IP address usually consist of?

  Ans: – 32 

13) What is the unique name given to the computer in the network?

  Ans: – P address

14) Which network is used to connect a computer in the same building or room?

  Ans: – LAN 

15) Full name of SQL.

  Ans: – tructured Query Language 

16) Database program is ………… 

  Ans: – ql server, my sql, base 

17) Q software used as animation? 

 Ans: – MAYA

18) Which operating system is known for open source?

 Ans: – Linux 

19) State the full name of the JPEG file used in the computer?

 Ans: – oint Photographic Experts Group

20) An electromechanical device used to select or move any object connected to a computer and appearing on a monitor is called ………. 

 Ans: – Mouse 

21) Explain the command of Ubuntu Linux. 

 Ans: – date, password, clear 

22) How many sets of control buttons are there in MS Word? 

 Ans: – Two 

23) The process of breaking down a word with more letters at the end of the line is called ……..

  Ans: – Hyphenation 

24) What is the convenient process for converting statistical information like columns, charts, graphs etc. into graphic images? 

 Ans: – ord processing software

25) What is a pre-prepared file for guidance to work with any program? 

 Ans: – Template 

26) Software that can scan a picture as an image and text as a type is called ………. 

 Ans: – Optical Character Recognition 

27) The space between two lines when typing any text in the computer is called ………. 

 Ans: – Leading

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