All Exam Important Questions of Gujarati literature

All Exam Important Questions of Gujarati literature 

1) Who is the first Gujarati language narrator? 

 Ans: – Shamal 

2) What is the birthplace of Dayaram? 

 Ans: – Chandod-Karnali 

3) Which work of Premanand is sung in every Chaitra Mach? 

 Ans: – Example 

4) Which work of love is sung every Saturday? 

 Ans: – Sudama character 

5) Where was Premanand born? 

 Ans: – Vadodara

6) Whose famous work is “Vraj Wahalu Re, Vaikuntha Nahi Aavu”? 

 Ans: – Dayaram 

7) Which Gujarati writer established the “Bharatiya Vidhabhavan” in Mumbai?

  Ans: – Kanaiyalal Munshi 

8) Whose acclaimed literature is “coffee”?

  Ans: – Slow down 

9) Whose acclaimed literature is “Prabhatiyaan”? 

 Ans: – Narasimha Mehta 

10) Whose famous line is “Junu Thayu Re Deval Junu To Thayu”? 

 Ans: – Mirambai

11) Whose famous line is “Let’s not bring happiness and sorrow in mind”? 

 Ans: – Premanand 

12) What is the acclaimed literature of Shamal? 

 Ans: – Lecture 

13) “Whose chappa is praised? 

 Ans: – Akho 

14) Where did Gujarati writer manage “Deshi Natak Company”? 

 Ans: – Jayantilal Dalal 

15) Which educational institute was established by Pandit Omkarnath Thakur in Bharuch?

  Ans: – Gandharva Niketan

16) “Chhandolaya” is the first collection of poetry of which poet? 

 Ans: – Niranjan Bhagat 

17) Whose line is “Who is smiling in the sky, I am the one who speaks the words”? 

 Ans: – Narasimha Mehta 

18) Whose famous line is “Don’t go near dark color”? 

 Ans: – Dayaram 

19) Who is considered to be the guru of Sant Jalaram?

  Ans: – Bhoja Bhagat 

20) Literary Makrand Dave established which organization in the tribal area of ​​Valsad district? 

 Ans: – Nandigram

21) Lokbharati Vidhapeeth was established by which writer?

  Ans: – Nanabhai Bhatt 

22) To whom did Gangasti compose his hymns?

 Ans: – Panbai 

23) Whose work is “Shikshapatri” and “Vachanamrut”?

 Ans: – Sahajananda Swami 

24) Which book on music was written by Pandit Omkar Thakur? 

 Ans: – Musicology 

24) Whose verses are related to “Pet Karave Veth” and “Gajya Mehvarse Nahi”?

 Ans: – Shamal 

25) From which institution has the “Ranjitram Gold Medal” been awarded since 1928? 

 Ans: – Gujarati Sahitya Sabha

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