All Exam Important Questions of Gujarati literature Part : 01

 All Exam Important Questions of Gujarati literature Part : 01


1) Whose acclaimed literature is “Chabkha”?

 Ans: – Meals 

2) Where was the poet born blind? 

 Ans: – Beloved 

3) Whose work is the collection of poems “Pagarav” awarded by Gujarat Government?

 Ans: – Adil Mansoori 

4) Which poet is called “Father of Legends”? 

 Ans: – Bhalan

5) Which able playwright and novelist of Gujarat first started with unpaid theater?

  Ans: – Chandravadan Chi. Mehta 

6) Whom has the poet Nhanalal called “Jagat Sakshar”?

 Ans: – Govardhan Ram 

7) What is the karma bhoomi of Dayaram? 

 Ans: – Dabhoi 

8) What is the praise of Dayaram? 

 Ans: – Pride 

9) Whose line is “Dehabhimaan hato pasher, vidya malta vadhyu sher”? 

 Ans: – Akho 

10) Where was Narasimha Mehta born? Ans: – Talaja

11) Whose famous line is “Bhootal Bhakti Padarath Motu Brahmlok Nahi Re”?

 Ans: – Narasimha Mehta 

12) Whose famous work is “Snehamudra”?

 Ans: – Govardhanram Tripathi 

13) Who is known as the father of Gujarati ghazals?

 Ans: – Balshankar Kantharia

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