All Exam Important Questions And Answers 2021

All Exam Important Questions And Answers 2021

Mission Constable

1) State the clause of the Language Commission. 

 Ans: -344 

2) How many types of vetoes fall.

  Ans: – 3 

3) The extreme veto is taken from either country. 

 Ans: – Britain 

4) What the President may do under Article 72. 

 Ans: – Pardon in punishment 

5) Who is the current Speaker of the Legislative Assembly? 

 Ans: – Rajendra Trivedi

Special non-secretariat 

6) Where is Asia’s largest chemical fertilizer factory located? 

 Ans: – Bajwa 

7) What is the longest river in North Gujarat? 

 Ans: – Banas 

8) Which district is considered as “Eucalyptus” district? 

 Ans: – Bhavnagar 

9) Where is Ranmal Lake located? 

 Ans: – Jamnagar 

10) Mother Dairy is located in which district?

 Ans: – Gandhinagar 

11) Kadana Dam is located in which district?

 Ans: – Ocean

12) The hut built by which saint became famous by the name of Satadharna? – 

 Ans: – Santshri Apa Giga Bapu 

13) Which architect designed the Prague Palace in Bhuj? 

 Ans: – Mcland 

14) What is the oldest and well known law institute in Gujarat?

  Ans: – Shri L.A. Shah Law College-Ahmedabad 

15) Which of these sights is located in the middle of Kankaria Lake? 

 Ans: – Naginawadi 

16) What is the name of Kanti Madiya’s Natya Sansthan? 

 Ans: – Natyasampada

17) In which city of Gujarat is Patola made with natural colors and with rare artistry made?

 Ans: – Patan 

18) Kumar Gandharva Award is given by which government? 

 Ans: – Gujarat 

19) With whose inspiration did Kumarapala accept Jainism? 

 Ans: – Hemchandracharya General science 


20) Which vitamin contains cobalt?   

 Ans: – B12 

21) Which vitamin cures anemia?  

 Ans: – B12

22) Due to becoming a rainbow 

Ans: – Refraction 

23) Separates urea from the body 

 Ans: – Kidney 

24) becomes the color of human skin 

 Ans: – Due to manalin 

25) Helpful in ripening raw fruits 

 Ans: – Ethylene 

26) How many valves are there in the human heart 

 Ans: – Four 

27) Laughing gas 

 Ans: – Nitrous oxide

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