All Exam Important Question And Answer

All Exam Important Question And Answer .

1) Which magazine was run by Acharya Anandashankar Dhruv? 

 Ans: Spring 

2) Where was Acharya Anandashankar Dhruv born?

 Ans: Ahmedabad 

3) What was the name of today’s Kankaria before? 

 Ans: Hauj Qutb 

4) Who was the Gujarati advocate who won the case against the defense of Azad Hind Foj? 

 Ans: Sir Bhulabhai Desai 

5) Who became the first Chief Minister of the democratic state of Saurashtra after independence? 

 Ans: Uchchhangarai Dhebar

6) What was the first Satyagraha in Gujarat during the independence movement?

 Ans: Kheda Satyagraha 

7) Who was martyred in the war of independence with the spring of Ahmedabad? 

 Ans: Rajab Ali 

8) Gandhi never slept for so long under so many flowers. – Which poet has realization? 

 Ans: Poet Hasmukh Pathak 

9) Who was the director of Atam Odhe and Agan Pachhedi? 

 Ans: Kanti Madiya 

10) Which monastery was established by Adi Shankaracharya in western India?

 Ans: Dwarka

11) Which disciple of Adi Shankaracharya established Shardapith in Dwarka?

  Ans: Hastamalakacharya 

12) Who established Ashram School at Vedchi in South Gujarat for the upliftment of tribals? 

 Ans: Jugatram Dave 

13) Which district of Gujarat has the largest tribal population? 

 Ans: Dang 

14) Why is the Trinetreshwar fair of the tribals famous? 

 Ans: Swayamvar 

15) Who built the marble temple of Adinath in Abu? 

 Ans: Vimal Mantri 

16) Where is Triphalavan developed in an attempt to increase the cultivation of Ayurvedic herbs? 

 Ans: Saputara

17) Who founded Arya Samaj? 

 Ans: Dayanand Saraswati 

18) Who founded Arya Samaj? 

 Ans: Swami Dayanand Saraswati 

19) Where is Ashapura’s Madh located?

  Ans: Kutch 

20) Who won Ashaval and was named Karnavati? 

 Ans: Karnadev Solanki 

21) Who established the city of Karnavati by defeating Asha Bhil of Ashaval?

  Ans: Karnadev 

22) The name Astodia is reminiscent of which Bhil king? 

 Ans: Asha Bhil 

23) Ahwa is the headquarters of which district?

  Ans: Dang

24) Who was the author of ‘Andhali Mano Kagal’? 

 Ans: Indulal Gandhi 

25) इ.स. Who was the first Gujarati to join the British judiciary in the 19th century? 

 Ans: Bholanath Sarabhai 

26) इ.स. Who published the first Gujarati language weekly? 

 Ans: Alexander Kinlock Forbes

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